Jeremy P Caulfield


A key figure in Toronto’s techno scene in the late ’90s, Jeremy moved to Berlin in 2003, where he ran his seminal techno and minimal imprint, Dumb Unit. Releasing artists such as Maetrik, Seph, and Avatism, Dumb Unit maintained its allure and playfulness throughout its varied catalogue. Touring extensively for most of the ‘naughties, playing top clubs, and releasing numerous mix CDs, everything was on an upward trajectory for Jeremy until it was not…

Disillusioned with the scene, his own music, and much more, Jeremy took an extended hiatus. Selling his beloved gear and, somewhat comedically, refusing to listen to even a single kick drum for over a year, Jeremy was eventually swayed to return to music by the young and energetic techno-loving staff that he worked with, as well as close friends and industry contacts. Familiarizing himself with new sounds purely for pleasure and listening to techno without the pressures of being a touring DJ, he began producing again in 2018. Since then, he has slowly, yet methodically, added to his discography, which now spans over 20 years. His trademark stripped-down sound is now geared more toward peak-time dancefloors and remains as relevant as ever.


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